The blackened and shattered remains of secret lover campers have been shown to jurors in the ongoing murder trial of former Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn.

Lynn, 57, has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court of Victoria to the murders of Russell Hill, 74, and Carol Clay, 73, in the Wonnangatta Valley, in Victoria’s Alpine region, on March 20, 2020.

On Wednesday, jurors were shown images of what was left of Mr Hill and Ms Clay after Lynn burnt, bashed and scattered their remains in the remote wilderness.

The jury has heard Lynn admitted to detectives that he destroyed the bodies because he was worried about being wrongly accused of murdering them. 

Other images showed the blackened piece of a ‘big toe’ bone, a busted ankle and a blackened and cracked tibula bone. 

The shotgun police say Greg Lynn used to murder elderly camper Carol Clay 

Greg Lynn is appearing at the Supreme Court of Victoria 

A ring, believed to be that of Ms Clay, was also recovered from the site.

The images were described in detail by forensics expert Dr Soren Blau, who said the bones were among some 2,000 fragments discovered by police at three locations, including the original campsite where Lynn claims the ‘tragic accident’ occurred. 

The jury heard at least 46 of those fragments were believed to have come from the campers’ skulls, with many other shards unable to be identified.

Lynn appeared to take notes throughout the evidence, which was displayed on the court’s big screen television.

On Tuesday, forensic entomologist Doctor Melanie Archer told the jury what was left of the campers had been ‘obliterated’ by Lynn.

‘The problem for the forensic pathologist is that the material that you need, the evidence that you need to help you make that decision has been obliterated,’ she said.

‘There are no toxicological samples so you’re not able to look for a toxicological contribution. 

‘You’re not able to examine for trauma because of the fragmentation of the remains.

‘In the case of natural disease, there were no soft tissues left – it was not possible there.’

Dr Archer said the problem was made all the worse from what was left of the couple being set alight.

‘The toxicological and soft tissue evidence that we would need to see cannot be seen in these very altered and fragmented remains,’ she said.

‘So you’re left with undetermined as your only choice.’

The jury has previously heard Lynn fully admitted to burning and dumping the campers’ remains within the hole of a fallen tree.

He identified the location to detectives himself following his arrest in November 2021.

Greg Lynn's shotgun was equipped with a laser sight

Greg Lynn’s shotgun was equipped with a laser sight 

Lynn claims Russell Hill was stabbed after falling on a knife during a deadly struggle

Lynn claims Russell Hill was stabbed after falling on a knife during a deadly struggle 

Carol Clay was allegedly shot in the head by Greg Lynn

Carol Clay was allegedly shot in the head by Greg Lynn 

The jury has heard Lynn admitted to disposing of the couple’s bodies in the bush after taking them away in his trailer. 

The elderly couple’s accused killer claims it was Mr Hill who started the trouble that ended in tragedy.

The court has heard Mr Hill and Lynn had argued about Lynn hunting for deer so close to other campers.

Later that night, Lynn decided to turn the volume in his car stereo up loud in an effort to annoy Mr Hill, the jury heard.

It was about 10pm when Lynn noticed Mr Hill had got into his car and stolen his 12-gauge shotgun.

The jury heard that as Lynn tried to wrestle the firearm away from Mr Hill, the gun discharged and Ms Clay was hit in the head.

Upon seeing what had happened, Mr Hill dropped the gun and rushed over to Ms Clay’s body.

Mr Dann said his client picked up the gun and fired its remaining shots into the air before being set upon by an enraged Mr Hill.

‘The next thing is Mr Hill’s advancing towards him with a knife screaming at him ‘she’s dead’,’ Mr Dann said.

‘A struggle developed over the knife. Mr Lynn trying to defend himself – they’re locked in this struggle – and as part of that struggle the two men fall to the ground and the knife goes through the chest of Mr Hill.’

The trial continues.

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