Video: Novak Djokovic Hit by Water Bottle at Italian Open
  • Novak Djokovic was hit by a metal water bottle while signing autographs at the Italian Open, leading to him falling to the ground.
  • The bottle was not intentionally thrown but slipped out of a fan’s backpack.
  • Djokovic received medical attention and was checked for injuries, including a bump on his head and some blood, but did not require stitches.
  • Despite the incident, Djokovic continued his participation in the tournament, facing Alejandro Tabilo in the next round.

On May 10, 2024, during the Italian Open, Novak Djokovic, the world’s top-ranked tennis player, experienced an unexpected incident that momentarily overshadowed his impressive performance. After securing a 6-3, 6-1 victory over French qualifier Corentin Moutet in his opening match, Djokovic was signing autographs for fans when he was unexpectedly struck on the head by a metal water bottle. This incident occurred shortly after his match, as he was leaving the center court and interacting with spectators.

The water bottle, which was part of a fan’s backpack, slipped out and fell onto Djokovic’s head. The impact was significant enough to cause him to clutch his head and fall to his knees, remaining in that position for several seconds as staff rushed to his aid. Despite the sudden and unexpected nature of the incident, Djokovic managed to maintain his composure and was eventually helped off the court by a security guard.

Novak Djokovic Hit by Water Bottle at Italian Open
Novak Djokovic Hit by Water Bottle at Italian Open

Following the incident, Djokovic received immediate medical attention to ensure his well-being. Although he sustained a minor injury, with some blood on his head, he did not require stitches. The Italian Tennis Federation’s spokesman, Alessandro Catapano, confirmed that Djokovic’s condition was not a cause for concern, and he had already left the Foro Italico to return to his hotel for further rest and recovery.

Djokovic’s response to the incident was both humorous and indicative of his resilience. He shared a message on social media, assuring fans that he was “fine” and resting at the hotel with an ice pack. He also expressed gratitude for the messages of concern and promised to see everyone on Sunday, indicating his intention to continue participating in the tournament despite the setback.

The organizers of the Italian Open released a statement confirming that the incident was an accident and that Djokovic had undergone appropriate medication. They reassured the public that his condition was not a cause for concern and that he had already left the venue to return to his hotel.

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This incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of sports events and the importance of safety measures, especially in crowded environments like tennis tournaments. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Djokovic’s professionalism and sense of humor helped to diffuse the situation, allowing him to focus on his recovery and future matches in the tournament.

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