Brian Cohee, initially drawn to the macabre world of crime scene investigation, found himself entangled in a tragic turn of events alongside Warren Barnes.

In a surprising twist, the podcast “Explore With Us” revisited the haunting case involving Brian Cohee, unearthing forgotten tales that Warren Barnes, a 61-year-old homeless man, had buried deep within his memories.

At the tender age of 19, Cohee harbored a disturbing impulse to end the life of Warren Barnes, who was found sleeping beneath a bridge.

Concealing his heinous deed in a plastic bag tucked away in his closet, Cohee never contemplated the possibility of a life behind bars.

However, fate took a grim turn when Cohee’s mother, Terri Cohee, stumbled upon the plastic bag and, upon unwrapping it, was horrified to discover what appeared to be a dismembered human ear protruding from within. Promptly contacting 911, she initiated emergency assistance.

The chilling revelation sent shockwaves through the community, shedding light on the dark and tragic events that had unfolded beneath the surface.

Key Takeaways

  • Terri Cohee noticed the ear coming out of the bag, she knew it could be a dismembered human head and called 911 emergency immediately
  • Cohee’s family knew their son was avidly interested in crime fiction and homicide movies.
  • Reddit folks are gulping in horror as they couldn’t believe what a man behind those innocent glasses could do.

Brian Cohee Wikipedia Entails That He Had An Interest In Crime Scenes

Cohee’s family knew their son was avidly interested in crime fiction and homicide movies.

After watching the horror thriller Silence of The Lambs, he said he longed to be a crime scene investigator.

Also, he selected the movie 1984 and took a deep interest in it amidst the family get-together time.

During that time, his family was stunned to find him picking up an odd film for such fun times, though they knew Cohee loved horrifying homicide on the screen.

Brian Cohee Suffers From Mental Illness, But Nothing Is Wrong With His Head And Hands

At the age of five, Brian Cohee was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and anxiety.

Since then, he has been taking medication to get rid of the symptoms of mental infirmity.

When the shocking discovery of plastic discovery led him to the hands of the police investigation, he was described as a polite individual who cooperated the entire time.

Also, he smiled while cops asked if it would be difficult for him to get into a police car, given his towering height and bulky body attributes.

21 years old, Brian Cohee shrank into it quickly, saying he could fit in without a problem.

Brian Cohee Case Photos Are Resurfacing Following The Release of Explore With Us

Reddit folks are gulping in horror as they couldn’t believe what a man behind those innocent glasses could do.

The case photo evolved down with the plastic bags, where the human head and dismembered hands were hidden.

So, Reddit users were started that he was caught by the cops without handcuffs and administering security weapons.

They were saddened by how the investigators took the case lightly and quickly took Brian Cohee into custody, like an average individual.


How old was Brian Cohee when he took the life of Warren Barnes?

At 19, Brian Cohee stabbed a homeless man Warren Barnes. He thought no one could remember the disappearance of Barnes, who was an avid reader.

Was Brian Cohee guilty of what he had done in the 2021 incident?

Yes, he pleaded guilty in court, but the judge didn’t buy it, and she was put behind bars at the Buena Vista Correction Complex

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